Why Is Everyone Talking About Penrose PT? Here Are Just A Few Places They’ve Been Featured In

Dr. Jennifer Penrose is the leading back pain expert in Lacey and the proud founder of an award winning physical therapy clinic Penrose Physical Therapy.

Her expert team has been treating patients in South Sound area for many years and has gained a reputation as a go-to clinic for people with back pain.

They’ve been actively participating in educating the local community as well.

Award-Winning Physical Therapy Clinic

After many years of experience treating people from around Lacey area, Dr. Jennifer Penrose’s clinic has gained the recognition as a go-to clinic for back pain sufferers and people with other injuries.

Penrose Physical Therapy has won an award for the Top Physical Therapy Clinic in South Sound, making it the leading physical therapy clinic in the area.

Best-selling Author

Apart from treating thousands of patients for over two decades and being the leading back pain expert in Lacey, Dr. Penrose wrote numerous free advice reports and books to educate people on physical therapy and staying active.

Her book “Run Forever!: The Secrets to Common Running and Walking Injuries” talks about the most common running and walking injuries, including back pain, and how to prevent them and stay in good shape.

Host Of Podcast And Workshops

Dr. Jennifer Penrose is very active in her community and hosts a podcast “Stay Healthy South Sound” where she interviews different healthcare providers and patients on different topics like back pain and natural treatments.

She’s also hosting regular workshops where she talks about natural treatments for injuries and gives tips on living an active life and staying healthy.

Weekly Columnist For Local Newspaper

Apart from sharing her extensive knowledge of physical therapy with her expert team in the clinic, Dr. Jennifer Penrose has been contributing to the local newspaper to give advice to the local community in Lacey.

Her weekly articles in the “Olympian Newspaper Weekly” provide people with free advice on back pain and tips on staying active and healthy even as you age.

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