Want To Know More About The Leading Back Pain Clinic In Lacey?

Dr. Jennifer Penrose is the leading back pain expert in Lacey and has been helping people from her local area for over 20 years. She is the proud founder of Penrose Physical Therapy. Read more about Dr. Jennifer and her expert team.

Who Is Dr. Jennifer Penrose?

My name is Jennifer Penrose, and I am the founder of Penrose Physical Therapy in Lacey, Washington.

I had a dream of becoming a physical therapist and opening my clinic, so I received my master’s and doctorate degrees in this field.

I opened my clinic in 2007 and have been helping our local community recover from their injuries and back pain. I wanted patients to be heard and listened to and not to be shuffled through a poor medical system.

After working with thousands of back pain sufferers, I understand how debilitating it is and I want you to get the best care that you deserve, so you can go back to enjoying doing things that you love.

This is why I’ve trained other physical therapists to become back pain experts and help you recover naturally. My expert team is the leading physical therapy team in Lacey with many years of experience.

Even my husband comes here all the time for his injuries as he is very active and sometimes he needs help to recover from pain he gets from various sports and activities and he knows he can trust our team.

Find out more about our Expert Team

At Penrose PT, we’ve got many physical therapists with extensive backgrounds and knowledge to provide you with the quality care that you need. I coach my team about clinical cases every week so that they have the tools to be able to help you recover fast and naturally.

Dr. Mark Rosales has lived in Lacey for almost 20 years, so he knows the local area and people. It’s his passion to help the local community get back to playing with their kids, going for hikes, and spending active time in the beautiful local area. Mark earned his doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Augustine and has been actively helping people ever since.

Another expert on our team is Dr. Mary Hale who received a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Penn State University followed by years of PT school at the University of Winchester in Virginia. She moved to South Sound with her husband and joined our expert team adding a wealth of experience to our clinic.

We also have Dr. Kasha who moved here for physical therapy school but decided to stay as she loves the local area and people. She’s passionate about helping people reach their goals and become healthy by treating them holistically.

Our expert team also has physical therapy assistants who are already experienced and thrive to learn more and more every day to be able to help you get better without the need for painkillers, injections, or surgery.

And our expert in massage therapy, William Montenegro, can help you relieve pain by releasing the tension in your joints and muscles and targeting specific areas where pain may be coming from.

Over the years, I carefully selected my expert team to make sure that you are in the best hands and taken care of in a way that not only will help your injury but also improve your overall health.

My team has been thoroughly trained and continues to improve every day to give you the best service in South Sound.

In my clinic, you always get one-on-one attention and time to be heard and treated as an individual.

What Is Dr. Jennifer Penrose’s Life Like Away From Being The Owner Of The Leading Physical Therapy Clinic?

Outside of overseeing my clinic, I love spending time with my family.

I am a mother to three boys, so I am always on my toes, trying to keep up with the kids and spend time as actively as we can.

We love outdoor sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, and skiing, and we also love going camping and enjoying some time away in the beautiful areas of Washington state.

As a family person, I understand how important it is for you to be healthy and be able to keep up with your kids and spend time with your family.

That’s why it’s important to me and my expert team to help others stay as active as they can and enjoy this beautiful area we live in and are blessed with.

As I love travelling with my family, I know what I need to stay active, and healthy, and to be able to enjoy all the family trips by spending time on various activities with my husband and kids.

I take all that knowledge and experience with me and pass it on to my team to give the best treatment and advice to my patients.

I want them to be able to do all the things they want to do like going on family trips, picking up their grandkids, or anything else that’s important to them.

Penrose Physical Therapy Elite Level Experience Treating Lower Back Pain And Sciatica

After realizing my passion for physical therapy and helping other people, I’ve been constantly trying to get better and better at what I do.

I’ve been a physical therapist since 2001, so I have over 20 years of experience treating various injuries including lower back pain and sciatica.

I received my Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University in 2000 and earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine in 2006.

Apart from that, I am also Board Certified in Orthopedics and have been published in academic journals.

I’m always active in the local community, so I participate as a special guest speaker on podcasts and local news as well as host educational workshops to share my knowledge with others.

Although I do not treat anymore, I provide training to all my expert staff and share my wealth of experience and knowledge with them.

When you are treated by a member of our expert team, you can be sure they treat the same way I would.

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Can Penrose PT Help You With Your Lower Back Pain Or Sciatica?

I’ve helped thousands of people with back pain treating it naturally and avoiding medication, painkillers, or surgery.

I believe that regardless of your age you shouldn’t have to struggle with back pain, so whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, or 60s, you can get better and I am here to help you.

My expert team has treated people, especially the 50+ crowd, that came to us thinking it’s as good as it gets and they need to accept their back pain and move on with their lives, but they gave us a try and now they’re pain-free.

You can also get better, whether you’re a busy mom, hard-working head of the family, or you’ve got a herniated disc, or maybe you’ve already had surgery but it didn’t help much, whatever your situation is, we can help you get better and recover fully from your agonizing back pain.

You deserve a chance at a better quality of life, so give us a chance as you have nothing to lose.

Why Does Penrose Physical Therapy Specialize In Back Pain Sufferers?

I’ve been treating thousands of patients for more than 20 years and what I’ve noticed over time is that the majority of my patients struggle with back pain at some point in their lives.

It’s such a common injury that many people just decide to live with it as if it were normal and there was nothing to be done about it.

However, there are so many natural treatments for back pain that I want to make sure patients have the resources that they need and understand that back pain is not something they have to live with.

As a family person and having a personal history of back pain myself, I want to help others live a life without limitations as I know how back pain can really affect your everyday living.

I have a herniated disc, but I don’t suffer from back pain anymore. There are things you can do to heal and get back in shape, you just need to put some effort in and give it a try.

This is why my clinic specializes in treating back pain, however, we can help you overcome any injury and get back to being active.

What Makes Penrose Physical Therapy Different From Everyone Else You’ve Seen?

After a couple of decades, we’ve been able to prove our reputation and proven track record of success.

Our clinic won Top Physical Therapy Clinic in the South Sound and we also have hundreds of positive reviews on social media platforms.

But what really sets us apart is our approach. We listen to our patients, and we take the time to understand their journey, and what their frustrations and anxiety around back pain are.

Having that detailed approach helps us put together an individualized plan for them and really talk to them about their goals and concerns so that we can explain to them everything about the treatment and answer all their concerns.

People want to know what’s happening with them, and we answer that giving them some peace of mind.

We also give our patients undivided attention and treat them holistically so that we can get to the root cause of their problems.

Our clinic also offers some additional services that you won’t find elsewhere such as a weight loss programme that can also help in your journey to recovery from your back pain.

We want you to be the best version of yourself and that’s what we’re aiming for with our patients.


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