“Are You Struggling With Unbearable Sciatica And Desperate For It To End?”

I’ve seen thousands of patients struggling with sciatica for over two decades and I know how badly it can impact your whole life. It starts as any other back pain, but then the pain radiates down your leg and becomes so agonizing that you’re not able to do anything.

I understand how painful and frustrating it is when you’re not even able to get out of bed in the morning, go to work, pick up your kids, or play your favorite sports. You don’t have to live like this. There are natural treatments that can help you recover and get back on your feet.

What Causes Sciatica, and Why Is It So Common?

Sciatica is caused by damage to the sciatic nerve. It’s very common as many people will either work physically and lift heavy objects for many hours while at work, or they have desk jobs and don’t move at all for most of the day. Both of these can be the reason why you’re suffering from sciatica.

Why You Haven’t Been Able To Cure Your Sciatica Before?

You’ve probably tried medications or stretching at home but it doesn’t give you long-term relief, maybe just a temporary one. Maybe you’ve tried to rest and your pain got even worse.

Sciatica recovery takes a very long time, and you will need to be patient. If you tried a few things and gave up as you didn’t notice any difference, it’s because you didn’t do it systematically and allow time for the healing process to start.

What you need is a personalized treatment plan with hands-on tactics that will target the specific areas of your body and get to the root cause of your problem.

How Can You Treat Sciatica Without Pills Or Surgery?

While it’s so common to think that painkillers will ease your pain or at least make it hurt less, it genuinely doesn’t work for sciatica.

Over the years we’ve helped a lot of people who were close to giving up. They couldn’t walk, sit, stand, or do anything, but we were able to get the results thanks to our unique approach.

We will take you through a series of tests to see how you move and establish where your pain is coming from. We can get very specific and find what level of pain you’re in, where it’s happening, what exactly is happening, and why you’re in pain, we can answer all those questions.

We give you a hands-on treatment and teach you how to sleep, sit, stand, and to activate your core muscles without increasing the pain in your leg.

It will take time, but we can get you back to health and you can and will get better and you’ll be able to do all the things that seem impossible right now.

How Can You Find Out More About Working With Penrose PT’s Expert Team?

Sciatica is a serious health problem and the faster you get the specialist help that you need the better your chances for a quick recovery are. So, don’t wait too long before it gets worse and take the next step to speed up your recovery.

If you want to find out more about working with our expert team, you can start with a few free options.

For more information on back pain and advice on natural treatment options, you can download our free advice report where we’ve put together a lot of useful information for you to read.

Another option you can choose is scheduling a free telephone consultation where you can speak to our expert team about your problem and we can how we can help you get better and recover fast.

The last option is to come and see us for a free discovery visit where you can meet the team, see the facilities, and talk to our expert team about your specific needs so we can get a better understanding of who you are and how we can help you.

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