Back Pain Myths You’ve Been Told By Doctors, Friends, And Social Media – That Keep You In Pain, And Taking Pills

If you've been suffering from back pain then there's a big chance you've heard some of those before from your friends, family, or even your doctor. That's too bad as those myths aren't true and keep you in pain slowing down your recovery.


MYTH #1 - Rest Fixes Back Pain

It's a very common misconception about back pain, and it's not true.

When you just rest, and rest, and rest... you become weaker. You also become very fearful, so every movement you make you start to perceive it as possibly damaging and it can mess a little bit with your mind too.

Rest makes your body physically weaker, so the things that you used to tolerate you can't do anymore. If you were able to stand for 5 minutes, now it's down to 2 minutes, and it'll get worse if you keep resting.

It's a slippery slope, and it's not fun when you can't hang out with friends anymore, spend time with your family, work, or do anything at all.

Intermittent rest is okay, but resting all day without moving and hoping your back will heal won't fix your problem.


MYTH #2 - It's My Age And I Need To Accept It

A lot of people think that their spine is wearing out or they have a degenerative disc and that is what it is.

I'm here to tell you that I'm almost 50, and I have a severe degenerative disc, and I'm not living with back pain, so it isn't just because you have changes in the spine or you're getting older.

It doesn’t mean you have to live with back pain. You may have a disadvantage and might need to learn how to move and lift better to do what you want to do, but it doesn't mean you are going to be in pain forever.

There's no age bracket for having a healthy back. We've worked with people in their 60s, 70s, and older and we were able to get them back in shape.


MYTH #3 - I've Tried PT Before And It Doesn't Work

Indecisive people are fearful of making another bad decision.

They’ve tried something in the past and now when they hear advice or recommendation, they're not sure they can move forward so they decide to do nothing. They keep researching more opinions and get stuck in this cycle of trying to do something but doing nothing.

I appreciate that you may be skeptical as you've tried physical therapy and it didn't work, so we can take small steps before we jump into physical therapy. You can meet us, talk to us about your problem, and we can answer all your questions before you make a decision.


MYTH #4 - Medication Eases Back Pain

Medications don’t help your back pain, they dull the pain but they don't take it away. Taking pills doesn’t make a huge difference, it's not solving what's causing the problem.

Apart from that, medication is not good for kidneys and blood pressure, so it is not a healthy solution. Pain medications don't affect your muscles, so it's impossible to fix your back pain problem like this.

What you need is a personalized treatment plan with stretches and exercises that are tailored to your specific needs and target the root cause of your back pain problem.

Are You Upset, Unsure Or Even Confused About These Myths That People You Trusted Have Told You - Which Have Probably Led To MORE BACK PAIN?

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