Lower Back Pain Self-Care You Can Try At Home

Have you been suffering from lower back pain that’s been stopping you from doing all the things you love?

I understand how debilitating it is when you can’t do the things you used to enjoy before. Maybe you’re not able to work out, play with your kids, or just do basic things like shopping.

Whatever your back pain is stopping you from doing, we can get you back to doing those things without getting any pain.

There are natural treatments that can get you back in shape without the need for painkillers, injections, or surgery.

Read this blog to find some great lower back pain self-care tips that you can try at home to ease your pain a little.

Lower Back Pain Self-Care At Home

While your back probably needs a little bit more help than using just home remedies, you can give it a try and see if your pain gets better.

If you’ve already tried painkillers, resting, or walking it off and that didn’t help, then now it’s the time to try something different.

Here are a few lower back pain self care things you can consider.

Ice Or Heat For Lower Back Pain

One of the things you can try at home is applying either ice or heat to your lower back pain.

Sometimes your back pain may be caused by tight muscles and joints, so this method can help you relieve some pain.

Ice is great in reducing swelling and redness and heat increases your blood circulation which relaxes your muscles bringing you pain relief.

Make sure to wrap an ice pack and heating pad in a towel before you apply it to your back pain to protect your skin.

Lower back pain self-care tips

Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Another thing you can try for your back pain is doing some stretches at home.

There are many exercises that are designed to relieve your lower back pain and improve your core muscles.

You can try a pelvic tilt, cat-cow stretch, and other simple stretches for lower back pain that should bring you some pain relief.

However, it’s always best to get specialist help and guidance as if you do the exercises wrong, you may end up in more pain.

Improve Your Posture

You may not even notice but your posture might be affecting your lower back and causing you pain.

If you’re leaning too much backward or forward, this can be the reason for your lower back pain.

The best lower back pain self-care for that is to simply correct your posture and a specialist can help you with that.

As the leading back pain expert in Lacey, I’ve seen many people suffering from back pain because of poor posture, and we were able to eliminate that over time.

The Best Treatment For Lower Back Pain

The above lower back pain self care tips are great for easing your pain at home, but you will probably need something more than that to really get rid of your problem permanently.

As the leading back pain expert in Lacey, I’ve treated back pain using only natural treatments for many years and got the results for my patients.

Physical therapy is by far the best natural treatment you can get for back pain and other injuries.

If you want to find out more about working with me, you can start with several free options.

For more information on back pain and natural treatments, you can download our free advice report where you can find lots of useful information on ending your back pain.

If you want to speak to us and start a conversation about how we can help you, then you can book a free telephone consultation where we can answer all your questions.

The most important thing is to choose one of these options now and get the help that you need before your pain gets worse.

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